Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Advice to Parents of Athletes and Basketball Players

I ran these as tweets a while back and got a great response so I decided to list them all here on the blog. Enjoy!

Parental Tip #1: Your child's performance or lack of it on the court is not a reflection on you, but his character is.

Parent Tip #2: Remember that the name on the front of the jersey is just as important as the one on the back.

Parental Tip #3: Unless you named your child "Shoot-it" or "And-one" please refrain from screaming it ever time they shoot.

Parental Tip #4: Remember, a child needs their parent more than they need another coach.

Parental Tip #5: Remember, Children aren't time machines to relive your glory days, relive them in your mind and let them have their own.

Parental Tip #6: Remember, your children are hindered by too much coaching in the same way they are hindered by too little parenting. A LOT!

Parental tip #7: If you yelled pass as much as you yelled shoot to your kids, scoring would go up 50 percent.

Parental tip #8: Despite what the sporting goods guy says, arm sleeves are not magic cures for injuries or your child inability to shoot.

Parental Tip #9: Every time your child is called for a foul does not make it a bad call.

Parental Tip #10: The level of your child's success should never alter your level of love.

Parental Tip #11: Remember sports for your child is a game, not a business, love'em and let them have fun.

Parental Tip #12: Trophies collect dust, stats are forgotten, wins fade into the past, but their fun lasts forever. Let them have fun.

Parental Tip #13: Remember your expectations for your child in sports is often times diff than yours, listen to them, you might be amazed.

Parental Tip #14: Self worth, your child's as well as your own is not tied to performance or outcomes on the field of competition.

Parental Tip #15: After a game your first question to your child should always be, "did you have fun?" Let them know that having fun is good.

Parental Tip #16: Keep Perspective. Remember this is your young athlete’s opportunity to play and grow not yours.

Parental Tip #17: Young athletes need to recognize the value of character in competitions, and it starts with your example.

Parental Tip #18: The view from the floor is always different than the view from the stands.

Parental Tip #19: In the end, a teams record matters little if your child didn't enjoy the experience.

Never finished #20......

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